Monday, August 27, 2012

(By a Guest Blogger)KuKuRuZa .. Gourmet Popcorn

Today I went to Hyatt Mall, Riyadh just to check the new popcorn place (KuKuRuZa). I really loved the idea of Gourmet popcorn! As a big popcorn fan I enjoyed tasting popcorn with new flavors other than Salty or Sweet.
My favorites were (Buffalo Spice & ranch) and (coconut) .. The (Cinnamon) game me the feeling that I was eating a cinnamon roll not popcorn! Which I really didn't like.
Most of the flavors were tasty. They charge you 9 S.R. For the small bag and 150 S.R. For a gift box that contains 9 different flavors of your choice.
Below you will find pictures of the place, decor and popcorn tasting table.

By: Maha :)
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